Course Reader 2017

Obligatory reading: 
Optional reading:
  • Bauer, B., Blechl, G., Bock, C., Danowski, P., Ferus, A., Graschopf, A., … Welzig, E. (2015, November 30). Recommendations for the Transition to Open Access in Austria. Zenodo.
  • Budapest Open Access Initiative 2002. Retrieved from
  • Delfanti, A. (2011). Hacking genomes. The ethics of open and rebel biology. International Review of Information Ethics, 15(09), 52-57.
  • Felt, U., Schumann, S., Schwarz, C. G., & Strassnig, M. (2013). Technology of imagination: a card-based public engagement method for debating emerging technologies. Qualitative Research, 14(2), 233–251.
  • Mayer, K. (2015). Open Science Policy Brief. ERA Austria. Nov 2015.
  • Ottinger, G. (2009). Buckets of Resistance: Standards and the Effectiveness of Citizen Science. Science, Technology, & Human Values, 35(2), 244–270.
  • Pomerantz, J., & Peek, R. (2016). Fifty shades of open. First Monday, 21(5).
  • Wagner, G., Fecher, B. (2015). Flipping journals to open: Rethinking publishing infrastructure in light of Lingua/Glossa case. Retrieved from

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